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  • Andy Cook

An engaged health and safety culture

I am often asked by clients how to establish an engaged health and safety culture, and my answers are very simple, look at professional sports such as the All Blacks and in the case the Kiwis. In my view, the key elements of establishing a great H&S culture or organisational culture is pretty simple, with your leadership team (or H&S Committee) you set clear standards or expectations that are well communicated and supported. You are consistent in holding accountability to those that don't meet those standards e.g. benched or dropped from the team depending on the breach. There are 4 key steps I use and have used as a senior leader and in a sporting environment: 1. I know what's expected of me and the standards required 2. I have the right training, tools, and support 3. There is an implemantion period for coaching oppertunity 4. I am clear on the consequences of not achieving the standards It goes without saying that if you make a mistake or don't meet that standard once the consequence may not be much at all e.g. additional coaching or learning opportunity versus a serious breach of standards. This applies at all levels including supervisors and managers as they are the coaching staff and they carry the same expectation as the staff (players) do.

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