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your award winning health, safety and wellness partner




Health and Safety 101 provides a broad range of services that can be specifically aligned with individual business or industry requirements. We have the right people, with the right skills, knowledge, and experience.



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critical risks

Traffic management, contractor management, hazardous substances, machinery & equipment, electricity, safe systems of work, working at heights, stress or violence are some of the critical risks that workers may be exposed to within an organisation. 



If you require expert support for a fixed term duration, a specific project, cover for a vacant role or extended leave, Health and Safety 101 is able to support you with qualified and competent practitioners.

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Gerry Lynch, CEO


Health & Safety 101 has been working with us over the last few months to help us to step change the Health and Safety Culture. Andy is incredibly flexible and has spent a lot of time on the lines with the team.  He has then produced detailed, practical reports which allow us to prioritise actions to reduce risk.

Andy has covered off manual handling, chemical handling as well as traffic management over a short period of time, as well as advising on policy, procedures and our strategy. Andy’s approach is one of curiosity and learning and as a result, everyone relates to him and opens up to him.

I have been impressed with how quickly he has helped us to move the dial on Health and Safety at Delmaine and would recommend him to any business who wants to shift their H&S culture.


Linda Rouse, Group Human Resource Director

GO Healthy

Health & Safety 101 has been partnering with Go Healthy in all facets of our business across Australia and New Zealand as we work to take our Health, Safety and Wellness focus to the next level. 

We found we had the ‘great bones’ of a strong health, safety and wellness framework, but we needed the extra oomph to lift the engagement within our teams so that everyone every day has their eyes up and safety at the front of mind.

Andy engaged with our teams at all levels across our business working with our Board and GLT on governance matters, our manufacturing teams on setting safety standards they want to live by and hold their teammates accountable for, and establishing new standards for our contractors and suppliers to adhere to when they undertake work on our sites.


Shannon Maaka, H&S Manager


I have found working with Health Safety 101 a truly positive experience. The process of scoping, planning and execution was made easy and throughout the entire process. From the very beginning I have felt well informed and supported. More importantly I have always felt that the needs of our business were put first. 

While I know that Health and Safety 101 are well qualified and experienced it is not until you engage and work with the team that you get a true appreciation for what health and Safety 101 can offer. 

Health and Safety 101 are more than consultants, they are true advocates for health, safety and wellbeing. Their blend of professionalism, experience and flexibility made them perfect to partner with and execute a safety improvement plan specific to our needs. I would not hesitate to endorse their services.

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