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Award Winning

We are recognised as the ‘practical go to’ business partner for health, safety, and wellbeing.



We pride ourselves on the ability to partner with any size organisation, from a sole trader contractor to multi-national organisations, leading them to meet their health and safety legal obligations and enhancing safety culture, from the boardroom to frontline workers.

With a highly qualified team possessing diverse skills and experience, we are able to provide tailored health, safety and wellbeing support, and practical solutions across a large number of industries including manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, transport, engineering, construction, sales, infrastructure & tunnelling, civil works, public transport, telecommunications, healthcare, forestry and corporate.


The Health and Safety 101 team is passionate about our client’s health, safety and wellbeing success.


Health and Safety 101 specialise in the 4 fundamentals:

Safety 1- Compliance 

Safety 2 - Culture

Critical Risk - Controls and Risk Mitigation

Wellbeing – Physical, cognitive, social and holistic

Our Vision

Health and Safety 101 is recognised as the ‘practical go to’ business partner for health, safety, and wellbeing.


Our Mission

We strengthen our client’s journey of getting their workers home healthy and safe, their success is our success.


Our Statement

We take the complicated, complex and sometimes challenging health and safety legislation requirements, and deliver something that is practical meeting our client’s needs. 

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